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We help you accelerate the infusion of AI into critical aspects of your business

We team with you to rapidly build advanced AI solutions that:

  • Intelligently automate business processes, both customer-facing and internal
  • Provide key actionable insights, using analytics and your data
  • Enable personalized interactions that delight customers and differentiate in the market

Our AI solutions incorporate natural language processing, deep learning models and AI digital assistants to automate and execute a variety of digital work processes.

“We are already using an AI chatbot that can handle 90 percent of customer enquiries and is spreading learning-machine technology to other areas such as logistics and product search.”

Joe Tsai

Executive Vice Chairman, Alibaba

Intelligent Automation

Our Intelligent Automation solutions utilize Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, robotics and self-learning capabilities.

Intelligent Automation represents an opportunity to significantly improve business processes, reduce costs, and generate new insights.

Use Cases – Intelligent Automation


  • Financial Management
    • Forecasting
    • Audits
    • Risk Modeling
  • Cybersecurity & Risk Detection
  • Interactive Marketing Ads & Emails
  • Automated Lending/Credit Underwriting
  • Retailing Shopping Assistants and Digital Concierge

Machine Learning That Mobilizes Insights

We help you develop actionable insights through machine learning that can be used to enhance customer experiences, improve outreach targeting or transform servicing through the use of intelligent digital agents. Includes:


  • Training your structured and unstructured data including from call center, social, chat, email or other
  • Using neural networks and other deep learning analytical techniques which self-learn from your data to make more accurate predictions
  • Developing custom AI-enabled Recommender Engines that identify next-best products or areas of interest, using Natural Language Processing and Neural Net algorithms based on each customer’s purchase and digital behavior.

Use Cases – Machine Learning


  • Powering custom digital assistants
  • Social analytics to spot customer signals
  • Marketing recommender engine
  • Risk & fraud detection
  • Intelligent process automation


Example – Risk Forecasting


  • Incorporate external unstructured data such as economic forecasts and use deep neural net models to better predict delinquencies and charge-offs. Accuracy and predictability typically increases 20% or more.

Deploying AI Assistants That Inspire Your Customers

We use your data, decision optimization, deep learning and interactive AI to create custom intelligent assistants which provide personalized experiences that truly engage and delight each customer.

  • Trained for client-specific applications
  • Proactive, personalized recommendations and self-learning
  • Example use cases: onboarding, shopping, healthcare, recruiting, sales support

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Use Case Example – Shopping Assistant

Establishes Retailer as the “go to” place for personal shopping. Provides a personalized shopping concierge for each customer’s unique needs year-round.


  • Gathers and remembers each customer’s style tastes and budget
  • Guides customers to simplify multitude of purchase choices
  • Works on all digital channels
  • Proactively makes suggestions to keep customer engaged

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