Services to augment your analytics & data sciences capabilities

We provide specialized analytics and data science
services that help our clients:

  •  Automate and accelerate their customer personalization
  • Leverage their data to power better decision-making and business results

Analytics and Predictive Modeling

We are experts in data analytics, segmentation and machine learning.

Our team has extensive experience building and deploying predictive intelligence, built using the latest advanced modeling tools and techniques, to help clients operationalize data-driven decision-making and achieve their specific business objectives.

Clients include top industry leaders in financial services (banking, insurance, brokerage, cards), travel and hospitality, retailing, healthcare, entertainment and business services.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP enables machines to recognize language, understand it, and respond to it, as well as create new text. Our team has been early pioneers in using unstructured data to enhance traditional data to help clients create new capabilities and to leverage NLP in valuable business processes.

Using NLP for Intelligent Digital Assistants: Galahad developed an AI-powered digital Email Assistant for a specialty law firm. The Email Assistant reads incoming emails and understands sender, topic, purpose, priority and uses NLP-based models to respond and/or escalate the emails to legal staff for their response. The latest NLP technology was used on thousands of emails to train the Email Assistant models to generate the automated responses. The Email Assistant very accurately understood email content and smoothly handled the email follow-ups. The Email Assistant was built in an Azure environment.

Deep Learning

Design and architecture to implement the most advanced continuous learning capabilities that update the model intelligence based on actual results data.

Traditional Modeling

Deep Learning

• Regression (linear)
• Logistic Regression (yes / no)
• Tree Models (segments)
• Neural Net
• Recurrent / Convolutional
• Reinforcement Learning

Data: Use existing data
Resources: Data scientist
Cost: Low to moderate



Data: Transactional or unstructured
Resources: Data scientist for initial development, then autonomous
Cost: High development and set-up
Benefits: 50% lift over rules-based Benefits: 5% – 25% lift over traditional

Pricing Optimization

We’ve worked closely with category leaders across a broad array of industries to build price optimization solutions. 

Our unique ‘bottom up’ approach:

  • Identify each customer’s price elasticity based on their historical purchase behavior to group them into price elasticity clusters.
  • Build time series models to create demand functions for each elasticity cluster that can be used to run simulations and attain optimal price points.

These price optimization solutions have particularly high value in more volatile economic environments with prices and interest rates fluctuating more rapidly.

The Galahad Team has developed price optimization solutions for 7 of the top 10 U.S. banks

Our pricing solution was one of only two interest rate-risk management solutions endorsed by the OCC. 

Risk Management and Fraud Detection

Bank Overdraft Optimization Solution

  • By combining a suite of sophisticated predictive models, Galahad’s solution helps banks make optimal real-time decisions on customer transactions and automate the management of overdrafts
  • Solution determines optimal decisions to increase customer satisfaction, retention and fee income
  • Provides a dynamic model production solution to quickly implement policy changes, new models

Client Results

  • Top 25 Regional Bank: decreased DDA charge=offs $83 million in first year
  • Top 10 Bank: increased pay rate 4% and fee income $25 million+ annually
  • Super Regional Bank: increased net fee income 23% in first year, a $77 million gain

Intelligent Process Automation

  • Combines machine learning, NLP with RPA to digitize and automate key operations
  • Custom-built automation solutions to fit client use case.
  • Use cases include auditing, processing, exception handling and marketing operations

Provides some of the highest ROIs from use of AI and machine learning

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