Machine Learning and Recommender Engines That Mobilize Your Data.
AI Assistants That Inspire Your Customers.

What We Do

We bring together data science, interactive AI and big data to help clients provide their customers with exceptional, personalized experiences; digitize core operations and automate their analytics.


We help clients rapidly build advanced AI solutions that:

  • Intelligently automate business processes, both customer-facing and internal businesses
  • Provide key actionable insights to enrich people’s lives
  • Enable personalized interactions that delight customers and differentiate in the market


Our AI automation solutions incorporate natural language processing to interrogate client data, machine learning to diagnose the best solution and robotics to execute.

Empowering PEOPLE

Empowering people to better manage the most important and challenging aspects of their personal lives including their time, health, relationships and money.

Vyou™ is a self-learning personal assistant that helps you manage key aspects of life & work. Proactive, Personalized, Learns each user uniquely.

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How We Help Clients


Custom and Pre-Built Solutions

We help clients accelerate development of high-priority new capabilities by providing the optimal mix of custom and pre-built AI solutions. These include rapid AI training, next-best action recommender engines and pre-built virtual assistants that simply need to be configured to each client’s data and use cases. Clients get maximum speed-to-market because we come to the table with solutions to their important business problems.


Many companies have AI initiatives in progress or planned but may not have sufficient experienced resources to move as quickly as they would like. We can jump-start new or fast-track your existing efforts, including providing hands-on machine/deep learning help and development of digital assistants. We work closely with your teams during these engagements.

For a more strategic perspective, we have the experience to help you develop an AI strategy and roadmap. Includes analysis of use cases, investment priorities, AI solution design and how to leverage cloud-based APIs and services to make the best build vs. buy decisions.

Intelligent Automation to Optimize Business Processes

Our advanced AI automation solutions utilize Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and robotics and incorporate self-learning capabilities. Particularly valuable in financial services and in healthcare industries.

Machine Learning That Mobilizes Insights

We help you develop actionable insights for key practices such as finance, product management and marketing – using data analytics and machine/deep learning that self-learns and powers advanced digital recommender engines.

Deploying AI Assistants That Inspire Your Customers

We use your data, decision optimization, deep learning and interactive AI to create custom intelligent assistants that self-learn and provide personalized experiences that engage and inspire your customers to become your advocates.

How Clients “Win!”

Advanced Analytics

Using NLP, machine/deep learning and digital solutions, we create actionable insights from structured and unstructured data including social, public and online data.

WINS: Substantially better insights improve targeting, conversions and service levels.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation represents an opportunity to significantly improve business processes, reduce costs, and generate new insights.

WINS: Deloitte reports “Experimenting effectively with AI can enable Finance functions to achieve over 50% efficiencies within 2 to 3 years, speeding up and vastly enriching the insight Finance brings.”(1)

Empowering Customers

Enables personalized service/care by learning each person’s preferences and needs. Makes proactive suggestions and reminders.

WINS: Customers get questions addressed 60% faster with digital agent compared to phone/email. 85% would use digital assistants again.

(1)“Double your Intelligence – Using intelligent automation to double productivity in Finance.” Deloitte LLC April 2018

Industry Solutions




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A self-learning personal assistant that helps you manage key aspects of life & work

With today’s technology, we’re “always on” and yet often don’t get to things that are most important to us. Introducing Vyou™, The world’s most intelligent Virtual Personal Assistant helping you manage your time, health, and money.

  • Proactive
  • Personalized
  • Learns each user uniquely

The State of AI

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