Streamlining Patient Experience

On the provider side, there is a high demand for AI Virtual Assistants that can more quickly and efficiently route patients that call in to the call center to the right care provider. Not only is this a tremendous benefit for the patient to receive the care they need faster, but there is a significant business benefit to deflecting millions of calls that today are handled by call center reps at $12 per call. For every 1% of calls that can be handled by an intelligent virtual assistant, healthcare providers save $500,000 per year. Experience has shown that 20%-25% of these calls can be deflected with a virtual assistant resulting in millions of dollars saved each year for large providers.

Digital Health Assistants for Personalized Care

  • For holistic member wellbeing
  • Learns Each Person’s Preferences & Needs
  • Makes Proactive Prompts & Reminders
  • Trained on Real Member Interaction Data

Automate the Claims Process
Enrich and streamline the Information Exchange with Providers
AI to Streamline Treatments & Improve Outcomes
Predict cost, utilization and likelihood of developing diseases to increase member well-being and quality of life


Challenge: Members need preventive care, Patients need help managing special conditions.

Solution: Virtual Health Assistant Personalized, proactive suggestions tailored to each person’s needs and goals


Challenge: Streamline claims processing and decisions

Solution: Virtual Claims Agent digitizes claims reimbursement and facilitates the information
exchange with Providers

Predicting Patient Outcomes

Challenge: Reduce treatment costs and measurably improve outcomes

Solution: Automated Outcomes Optimizer autonomously monitor patient data from health providers to standardize and predict most successful treatments & procedures

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