Reinventing the Customer Experience

“Our biggest competitors are not necessarily other banks. They are Amazon and Google. Those are the companies setting the expectations of our customers.”

— Francisco Gonzalez Rodriguez, Chairman and CEO, BBVA

Proactively Managing Financial Well-being

  • For Advice on banking, financial services
  • Learns Each Customer’s Preferences & Needs
  • Makes Proactive Suggestions & Reminders
  • Trained on Real Customer Interaction Data

Streamline Operations and Customer Experiences
Our AI automation solutions incorporate natural language processing to derive meaning from data, machine learning to diagnose the best solution and robotics to execute. These same AI capabilities are integrated to build customer-centric digital agents that streamline your customers’ efforts to get the answers they need.
Digital Data Analytics to Know Your Customer
Autonomously monitor social posts and other online data to determine customer financial interests, preferences and immediate needs.

Empowering Customers

Challenge: Improve the customer experience with a more holistic approach to promote overall customer financial well being

Solution: Digital Financial Assistant – using a holistic view of all things money, will continuously make recommendations to optimize cashflows and align long term returns to each customers situation and goals

                                Intelligent Automation

Challenge: Reduce human expense for transaction processing and fraud detection.

Solution: Research Assistant – Trained research assistant utilizing advanced AI to evaluate dynamic data sources and advanced machine learning to determine best actions and optimizes processes

                         Automated Analytics

Challenge: Onerous regulatory requirements to Know Your Customer, detect fraud and prevent money laundering.

Solution: KYC Analytics Hub – Autonomously synthesize and monitor online and other public
data sources to identify meaningful alerts and leading indicators of possible negative events for each client

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