AI-powered solutions
tailored to your business

Next-Best Action Rec Engine

  • “Brain’ that determines next best action for each customer
  • Dynamic offer engine for real time decisioning
  • Orchestrates & personalizes interactions across all channels
  • Tailored to your business requirements and includes roadmap

“Most of our clients have great analytics and modeling. But they use rules-based methods of bringing this together. We use optimization math to bring this all together in a more quantitative way.“

Rob DiCesare, CEO Galahad Group Inc.

Intelligent Recommendation Engine

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Why Clients Hire Galahad

  • Arbitration engine combines model propensities with expected value to ensure every interaction with customers is personalized, across all channels.
  • Engagement & purchase rates increase up to 50%

Intelligent Automation

Customer Opportunity Analysis

Customer Opportunity Analysis (COA) is an automated data mining process that accelerates insights to action by producing best-practice customer segmentation and action plan within days.

What COA Does COA Benefits
COA identifies natural homogeneous customer segments Best-practice customer segmentation and action plan within days
Utilizes purchase behavior, channel usage, demographics, attitudes and preferences Provides forward-looking customer insights: value, growth potential, attrition risk
Integrates customer scores directly into Vantage or your database Create strategy for every customer.
Deploy personalized offers and messaging

Why Clients Hire Galahad

  • COA enables you to run segmentation analysis within days and be prepared to deploy insightful, customized marketing campaigns that will optimize the value of your customer base

Personalization – Great Results

Global Cosmetics Company

CHALLENGE: Increase customer loyalty through omnichannel personalization

SOLUTION: Developed COA multi-dimensional segmentation, personalized offer strategy and Next Best Action rec engine for ‘My Offers’ on site and multi-channel follow-up contacts

RESULTS: Site activity increased 46%, Time on Site increased 25% and e-mail click through rates increased to nearly 50%

Intelligent Process Automation

  • Combine machine learning, NLP with RPA to automate key operations
  • Custom-built automation solutions to fit client use cases
  • Use cases include auditing, processing, exception handling and marketing operations
Intelligent Automation

Why Clients Hire Galahad

  • Combines best of NLP, machine learning and RPA to automate operational tasks
  • Save 25%-35% resource costs

Arthur Digital Assistant

Personalizes Customer Interactions

  • Personalized, proactive, self-learning
  • Powered by an advanced recommendation engine
  • Email assistant version available
Arthur Digital Assistant

Why Clients Hire Galahad

  • Makes basic chatbots intelligent through a rapid training process based on your customer interaction data and powered by an advanced rec engine
  • Customer satisfaction increased; resource costs reduced by 30%

Services To Augment Your Capabilities

Predictive Analytics & Data Science

Deep Learning

  • Attrition Risk
  • Response Propensities
  • Default Risk
  • Fraud detection
  • Payment Authorizations


Leverage Unstructured

Natural Language Processing

  • Rapid bot training
  • Model signals
  • Call analytics
  • Chat analytics
  • Social media analytics


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