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Since 2005

“Most of our clients have great analytics and modeling. But they use rules-based methods of bringing this together. We use optimization math to bring this all together in a more quantitative way.”

Rob DiCesare, CEO Galahad Group Inc.

This state-of-the-art capability will accelerate the digital transformation of your business, interacting with customers in a much more timely, personalized way with consistent messaging across every channel. It also suggests channels for interacting with them in a more cost-efficient manner.

Your customers expect you to have this capability. You’re falling behind if you don’t.

We Can Help You:

  • Accelerate the development process by delivering a functional prototype in 45 days and a fully implemented ai-powered, multi-channel rec engine in less than 3 months vs. the 9 months or longer it typically takes firms on their own

How We Help:

  • Provide initial assessment and development of roadmap
    • Understand what you want to accomplish and when
    • Current capabilities and gaps
    • Prioritized timeline and solution components along with budget estimates to build an ai-powered multichannel decision engine
  • Design and build using our core solution the decision engine tailored to your requirements
    • We can provide a functional prototype for clients to test on their own data in 45 days.
    • Deliver a fully implemented customized rec engine in less than 3 months.
  • We use APIs to help connect the engine with your source data files in a secure manner, and to facilitate connecting the output with your marketing and sales support systems.

How the “Brain” Will Help You

  • Provides your sales and support teams with personalized, next-best conversation recommendations with their clients:
    • Advisors in wealth management
    • Client relationship managers – commercial and consumer
    • Private bankers
  • When used in this manner, it is critically important to capture the results of those conversations. Contact us to learn more.
  • Orchestrates offers and messages for direct-to-consumer channels

Why Galahad

  • We’ve built ai-powered, intelligent multi-channel digital engines for category-leading clients in financial services as well as in other industries.
  • Our leadership team has worked with and led engagements with many of the largest and most successful financial services firms. We also currently partner with global firms who also work with these firms.

Contact us to ask any questions, or talk through the challenges you’re dealing with. We would be happy to answer your questions and provide feedback on potential options.

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