Machine Learning Services

Our team at Galahad is focused on providing advanced machine learning services and decision optimization solutions aimed at helping clients provide their customers with exceptional, personalized experiences. The ability to do that consistently across all channels and devices is the defining characteristic of top-performing companies.


Galahad AI Solutions

AI-Powered Recommender Engines

Custom AI-powered next-best action decision engines for integrated marketing and sales programs. A key feature of the custom recommender engine is an intelligent arbitration process to rank order across many opportunities.

Intelligent Digital Assistants

A new channel that brings to life your recommender engine with customers.

Customized for your business using interactive AI to personalize experiences that engage and delight each customer.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation solutions that utilize Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, robotics and self-learning capabilities to generate new revenue as well as significantly improve business processes.

About Us

Our team includes the hands-on combination of data science, engineering, technology skills as well as the business / marketing leadership experience that are key to successful development and implementation of these advanced AI-enabled solutions.

We help clients operationalize these AI capabilities working closely with your teams, including senior business leaders, product/marketing and sales support teams as well as client technology, analytics and data teams.

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