AI-Powered Digital Assistants

Delight customers with their own personal assistant that learns all about them!

What We Do

We use your data, decision optimization, deep learning and interactive AI to create custom intelligent assistants which provide personalized experiences that truly engage and delight each customer.

Customized – Working with Your Team

Intelligent assistants can provide concierge sales support services for customers, serve as digital call center service agents or other applications.

We develop the customized intelligent assistant, working with your team to:

  • Define the experience you want to offer your customers.
  • Create a “Persona” that complements your brand and objectives.
  • Train the assistant with your data.
  • Develop a working prototype for testing.
  • Help you pilot and make refinements.
  • Launch and provide ongoing support.

Arthur AI Assistant Extraordinaire

Check-out Arthur in this example video as a meal concierge that helps customers plan meals.

Trained with Customer Data

  • Purchase history
  • Past interactions
  • User-provided styles & preferences
  • Demographics
  • Life events, buying signals & interests

How Arthur Helps

  • Instantly answers FAQ’s
  • Learns each customer uniquely
  • Remembers content of every conversation
  • Helps customers navigate through broad product lists
  • Suggests products that match customer preferences and style
  • Works on any digital channel
What questions can we answer for you?

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