Personalization that delights and inspires your customers,
powered by the world’s most intelligent recommender system

Galahad helps clients design, customize and deploy the world’s most
intelligent customer recommender systems to realize the value of
customer personalization for the growth of their business.

“Firms that commit to personalization strategies achieve 5% – 15% increase in revenues.”

– McKinsey, June 2020

Galahad’s Recommender System

Automated customer personalization at scale

Our proven, pre-built personalization solution is customized, scalable and powered by the latest in advanced AI-enabled decision optimization. This enables each client to provide experiences that delight their customers and accelerate their customer growth.

The way we’ve designed the entire solution with a User Interface and API’s makes it easy to incorporate each client’s models. And with the deliverables shown below, we can cut the implementation timeline by 50% and generate ~600% ROI from investing in customer personalization.

Galahad’s team includes early pioneers and new innovators in decision optimization technology, who have applied our solution to delight the customers of our clients across a broad array of industries.

What We Deliver

• Acceleration Plan – Includes a personalization readiness assessment, from which we create Personalization Strategy/Recommendations and an Implementation Roadmap.

• Rapid Start Predictive Customer Intelligence – Our recommender system is automated and can utilize existing models and segmentation in its decision-making process. We can  include Galahad’s Customer Cube which is a suite of predictive customer growth, retention and price elasticity models that can fill in the gaps of intelligence if needed to quick start implementation.

Integration and Setup – Includes a customized User Interface to set up the personalization parameters of the program, and APIs that help connect the rec system with your source data files in a secure manner and that facilitate connecting the output with your marketing and sales support systems.

We help with setup of the initial system configurations and run test simulations to validate that the appropriate message is delivered to the right customer through the right channel.

“71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.”

– McKinsey, November 2021

• Testing and Measurement Framework – A testing and measurement framework is provided to methodically quantify the incremental benefits delivered to customers and the value generated for the business. This also includes a multi-touch attribution model framework to optimize spend by marketing channel.

• Continuous Deep Learning – We also provide the design and architecture to implement the most advanced continuous learning capabilities that update the model intelligence autonomously based on actual results data.

• Expanded Digital Capabilities – Adding a digital assistant as part of the recommender system is a way to bring the personalized recommendations to life for your customers. We can help you train and deploy a highly intelligent digital assistant, that delivers these personalized recommendations to your customers and is integrated into your existing customer service work streams.

Having built data-driven customer solutions for the last 20 years, our single, focused specialty is helping you delight and grow your customers using the most advanced customer personalization technology and practices available.

What Clients Say

“Thank you for the AI support with our customer personalization initiatives. It has been a great partnership.”

– Vice President of Global Marketing Analytics 
Global Entertainment Firm

“The most successful customer personalization program at our bank.”

– Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing
Top U.S. Bank

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