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We help you accelerate the infusion of AI into critical aspects of your business

Artificial intelligence (AI) will help power the next wave of people’s experiences and how they interact with knowledge and the digital world. We help business leaders accelerate development and deployment of these capabilities.

“We are already using an AI chatbot that can handle 90 percent of customer enquiries and is spreading learning-machine technology to other areas such as logistics and product search.”

Joe Tsai

Executive Vice Chairman, Alibaba

AI Strategy & Roadmap

An AI strategy that empowers people and leverages natural language processing, unstructured data and that self-learns from new data is critical for successful deployment.

  • AI investment prioritization plan
  • Incorporates analytics of key digital data sources to identify AI and machine learning opportunities
  • Solution architecture and IT requirements
  • Build vs. Buy recommendations
  • Business case: AI will improve customer experience and strengthen brand loyalty. KPI’s are increased frequency of interaction (engagement), loyalty (retention) and advocacy (referrals).

Virtualize™ Machine Learning

Galahad’s Virtualize™ machine learning AI training process is applied to vast data sources and creates output to rapidly train your company’s intelligent digital agents.

  • Apply Virtualize™ machine learning AI training process to vast data sources and create output to rapidly train your company’s intelligent digital agents
  • Includes unstructured data from email, call center, social, chat, operations
  • Trains digital agents for customer care, analytics, robotics process automation

Digital Agent Deployment

Our Intelligent digital agents make use of proprietary Vyou™ decision automation AI technology

  • Trained for client-specific application
  • Proactive, personalized recommendations and self-learning

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