Empowering People With The World’s Most Intelligent AI Digital Assistants

What We Do

We combine the latest breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) with advanced machine learning and decision optimization technology to create highly intelligent digital assistants and self-learning software applications.

These multi-faceted digital assistants and applications emulate the best of human cognition and decision-making to empower businesses and enrich people’s lives.


to invent new ways to interact with their customers on a truly personal level and augment the way their knowledge workers interact with vast amounts of data to create insight machines.

Empowering PEOPLE

to better manage the toughest and most important aspects of their personal lives including their time, health, relationships and money.

How You Receive Measurable Value

Expanded Analytics

Using NLP, machine learning and digital solutions, we create actionable insights from structured and unstructured data including social, public and online data.

WINS: Substantially better insights improve targeting, conversions and service levels.


Digitize service by developing digital assistants that have been trained on your customer interaction data.

WINS: 20% of inbound customer inquiries can be handled by virtual agent without referral to person. Digitally automated processes typically yield 25%-30% cost reduction and ~90% accuracy rates.

Empowering Customers

Enables personalized service/care by learning each person’s preferences and needs. Makes proactive suggestions and reminders.

WINS: Customers get questions addressed 60% faster with digital agent compared to phone/email. 85% would use digital assistants again.

How We Help

There is now a whole new way of interacting with your customers and of using knowledge/information. This enables you to personalize your interactions with people based on new insights not previously available. We can help jump-start the process, or help fast-track your existing efforts.

AI Strategy
& Roadmap

AI will help improve customer experience and strengthen brand loyalty. Analysis of key digital data sources will help identify AI and machine learning opportunities. Includes build/buy recommendations, solution architecture/IT requirements and business case.

Virtualize™ Machine Learning

Our machine learning process is applied to vast data sources including unstructured, call center, social to train digital agents for customer care, analytics or robotic process automation.

Digital Assistant Deployment

Uses our proprietary decision automation AI technology, with digital agents trained for client-specific applications. Proactive, personalized and self-learning.

Industry Solutions




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A self-learning personal assistant that helps you manage key aspects of life & work

With today’s technology, we’re “always on” and yet often don’t get to things that are most important to us. Introducing Vyou™, The world’s most intelligent Virtual Personal Assistant helping you manage your time, health, and money.

  • Proactive
  • Personalized
  • Learns each user uniquely

The State of AI

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